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Mysterious Islands
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Mercenary Count Gustov Dissatisfied with czarist Russia, Count Leonardo Gustov contacted Nemo with the idea of a partnership, two men creating their own world order by destroying the old. Nemo declined but agreed to offer him his technology. Gustov has used it to wage his personal war on the minions of the “soon-to-be-dead queens and kings of Europe.”

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Count Gustov was a Russian expat who partnered with Nemo as a way to bringing down the monarchies of Europe and beyond with his submarine, Terror. At some point during his ownership of Terror, he exhibited the ship to Greek businessman by the name of Nikos Chelios, whom, inspired by what he saw, had his own submarine built by Nemo. Christian Fiore later heard of Gustov's plans and exploits, and began attacking ships of world powers with impunity. Due to his influence on others, Gustov was one of Nemo's first sympathizers, probably alongside Thane Hartless, but as Thane drifted away from Nemo's principles, Gustov began to see him as a threat, a potential security leak that would allow the exclusive submarine technologies to fall into the hands of world powers. This fear would later be realized when two American submarines were put into service.